Saltergate Kop

Model size : 765mm x 500mm
Scale : 1:76 

This model is an accurate and detailed interpretation of the Saltergate Kop in Chesterfield as it stood for the final league match of its long history on the 8th May 2010.

It is totally hand-made and has no machined parts. It has taken an estimated 120 hours to build.

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My first experience at a football match was,  as a child,  standing on a terrace at a quintessentially typical English ground. Like many  thousands of others before, and after, me can remember, the fact is those days have  gone. Chesterfield's Saltergate Stadium was a classic example of one of these wonderful arenas and it was also the world's oldest football ground with its original tenants. I got the chance to visit the stadium one snowy Friday afternoon in January 2004. The Kop Stand caught my eye and aroused my curiosity. I thought to myself that I should build a model of this. It might have been a weather-beaten old stand but to me it could tell a thousand stories and I liked its character and charm. It offered me a challenge and was different from my other models. I liked the fact that this stand was not gleaming and new; that was its charm.

Saltergate, offically the recreation Ground, was the home of Chesterfield Football Club. Football had been played at Saltergate Stadium since 1871. The club hosted its last league match against Bournemouth on saturday 8th May 2010. The stadium had change had changed beyond all recognition in this time. The club had moved into a new 10,500 all seater stadium whilst Saltergate makes way for a new housing devolopment. 

The Kop was a old traditional covered terrace behind the home goal and held around 2000 spectators. It was terraced in the 1920s and had metal crash barriers fitted in the 1950s replacing the old wooden ones. The Kop was roofed in 1960 much to the relief of the home faithful I would expect.

The Kop was regenerated in 2002 as it had been closed by the FA for safety reasons. This regeneration was not to turn the standing areas into seated areas but only to re-terrace over the top of the existing terrace. Parts of the old terrace could still be seen in places beyond the new terracing at both ends of this stand. Again, modern crash barriers were fitted. The roof constructed in 1960 remained fairly untouched barring a coat of paint. The Club obviously worked to a tight budget as all four sides of the ground needed regeneration. In 2008 this stand became known as the 'Karen Child Kop' for sponsorship reasons.

This project has given me the chance to focus on one part of the stadium and not the whole venue. I toiled with the idea of building the main stand but I had to choose and the Kop just had something about it. Focusing on this one stand enabled me to work to a bigger scale, 1:76, and build to a greater level of detail than working at a smaller scale, such as 1:220. The size of this model is about 30 x 20 inches, which is a manageable size. I wanted to incorporate a section of the pitch with the goal mouth and the immediate area behind the stand to give the model perspective. It was important with this piece that I captured the new with the old and the rustic charm that drew me to it in the first place. This is an old stand that was regenerated and I feel this model has reflected this.