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Model Football Stadiums

Bespoke Models Professionally Hand Crafted By Peter Oldfield-Edwards

Artist Statement


Ever since I can remember I have always had a fascination with stadiums. As a child I would draw them and create my own. I would spent hours daily fashioning old style stadiums of the day out of materials that I found around the house, always trying to make each one better than the last. Over the years these have developed from basic creations to fully detailed interpretations.

I focus on making my models life-like and, as a result, the viewer can't help but engage with the piece. Choosing the right materials is important, but its also a process of observation and investigation with how the building changes with nature and how to replicate it. I study the way light lands on a surface, for instance, and creates highlights and shade.

Each model is a totally new challenge, and they are all approached in the same way, as a piece of art. My focus to detail is meticulous, theres always so much going on, it has to make sense to the eye. My work is full of imperfections but free of inaccuracies.

I m very lucky and privileged to be commissioned to build these models and get the chance to travel to some wonderful places and meet some good people. To these people commissioning these pieces, they represent more than just a model. Its important to me that these stadiums are captured in physical form for future generations to enjoy.

My expectations? To build the best model stadiums and create an art structure that is as close as possible to the real thing: real enough to take your breath away.

I love building these models and its something I have a innate desire to do.

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