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Terrace Section Models

Price  £119.95


Beautifully hand created, these unique terrace sections with crash barrier and scarf from the era make the perfect gift. Each one is titled and signed by hand for authenticity. All these models are made to order.

You can have your own terrace section model made

Simply email a photo of your clubs stadium section with some information regarding the decade or year.


 Your Clubs own design Made

Highbury Clock End 1992


Highbury Clock End 1992

Trent End 1 copy.JPG

Nottingham Forrest            

City Ground Trent End 1980's

Celtic End 1 copy.JPG


Park Head Celtic End 1980's

Anfield Kop 1 copy.JPG


Anfield Kop 1970's

Stretford End 1.JPG

Manchester United            

Old Trafford Stretford End 1980's

Kippax 1 copy.JPG

Manchester City            

Maine Road Kippax 1980's

Highfield Road 1 copy.JPG

Coventry City            

Highfield Road East Stand 1990's

St James' Park Gallowgate 1980's

Newcastle United              

St James' Park Gallowgate End 1980's

Goodson Park Glady's Street 1980's


Goodson Park Gwladys Street 1980's

Villa Park Holte End 1980's

Aston Villa            

Villa Park Holte End 1980's

East Stand Shelf 70s 1 .JPG

Tottenham Hotspur            

White Hart Lane

East Stand Shelf 1970's

East Stand Shelf 80s 1 .JPG

Tottenham Hotspur            

White Hart lane

East Stand Shelf 1980's