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Model Football Stadiums

    Bespoke Models Professionally Hand Crafted by Peter Oldfield-Edwards

Commissioning a Model

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Models have the power to communicate the complexities and subtleties of many projects and can be used to great effect in the viewing and selling of architectural designs. Models have the power to view intricacies, enhancements and finishes that are not always obvious. Our natural instinct is to look up to structures and models provide the opportunity to look down.

Peter's models are very labour intensive. Work on any individual piece might last from a few weeks to a year or more. One commission took an estimated 2,000 man hours to research and create, built over a 2 year period. This model sold for new car prices. Another took an estimated 3,000 man hours to create. As the time needed varies from project to project, a price can only be quote after personal consultation. All commissions are personally delivered and installed.

If you would like to contact Peter regarding a commission, purchase or hire of a model, please use any of the contact details on the contact page. He will be happy to talk with you, meet with you or arrange a studio visit.

These questions will help determine a guide line price

  • What purpose does the model need to serve

  • What size do you need the model to be

  • What era would you like the model to be from

  • Is there a time frame

  • Do you have a budget

Hire or leasing a model

All self-inspired models are available to lease or hire for; personal use, exhibits, public display or television filming. prices will depend on the individual piece. All models are personally delivered and installed.

Frequently asked questions

Whats the first thing you do when you start a new model

This is a question I get ask a lot. After the research process is complete and photographic work is done, In most cases I would start scaling the stadium by drawing up plans and  layout. Then start the physical build.


How long do these models take to build

Some models obviously take longer than others. The Old Trafford model was a very complex and took an estimated 3000 man hours to research and build, but there was a lot of time taken learning and experimenting during the making of this piece. Where as the Balmoral Commission took roughly 80 hours build time. Theres always aspects of any model that will challenge me and I need to think about how to form or create a particular part.


How far will you travel for a commission

If its a commission I want to do then there isn’t anywhere I wouldn't go. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people, thats a big part of what I like to do. The logistics of any commission over seas needs to be addressed when negotiating a commission.


Is there a payment schedule for these commissions

For short term commissions a 50% deposit is required to start the build, then balance on completion. Long term commissions, a 1/3 deposit, a mid term payment and then balance on completion. All commissions require a deposit, once work has begun the deposit is then non refundable.


Is there any stadium you won’t build

Some stadiums would be very difficult to build by hand and you must want to do it in the first place. I find most stadiums fascinating. There are commission enquiries that I have said no too, but more for other reasons than subject matter


How do you choose your materials

With each model made, you come away having learnt something new. You get use to working with certain materials and how it behaves when you do things to it.  Whats very important is choosing the right materials for creative behaviours and longevity.


Whats the life expectancy of these models

Once the model is in a display case and installed in the desired location, they will last for generations. They need to be kept away from direct sunlight, like most things, sun light will fade colours and distort certain materials over time. Generally these models should last generation after generation when placed properly.







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