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Barclay End Stand

Carrow Road

Norwich City

Commissioned Piece

Completed 2012

Model Size : 310mm x 260mm

Scale : 1:220  Circa 1994


This Commission was created in 2012 and took an estimated 120 man hours to research and build. The brief was for a model of the Barclay End Stand at a suitable size for a gift. The piece was  made from the year 1994 and the score board to read 'Norwich 2:1 Newcastle Utd'.


The design of the stand fundamentally has two vertical supports near the front of the stand, and a truss supporting the roof called the goal post design. when this stand was first built it had a standing terrace in the lower deck, later changed to all seating. Working floodlights are incorporated in this model.


The model was to be delivered to London.


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