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Old Wembley Stadium

Goal Posts



Self-Inspired Piece

Completed 2023

Model size : 1200mm x 590mm

Scale : 1:10  Circa 1966


These “Old Classic” goal posts we’re the first set of posts I saw on tv. There iconic to me and probably to many others too.


This model is accurate to scale and design and is a physical interpretation of these famous pieces of footballs past. The posts and bar are made of wood, elliptical in shape like the originals. Classic metal back stanchions finished in dark green, and the traditional white square profile net. This net is also fed into a tube all the around the base and not looped through like we commonly see today. What made these goals so iconic is the heavily hanging nets with the low belly sitting on the turf in the back of the goal. Fantastic stuff.


This model is a self-Inspired piece and not for sale, but can be reproduced for anyone wishing to commission there own. 


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