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Gordon Banks

Stoke City - Victoria Ground 1968


Commissioned Piece

Completed 2020

Model Size : 400mm x 300mm

Scale : 1:25  Circa 1968

This is the first of two commissioned pieces. The client “a third generation Stoke City fan”, now semi retired, with ever lasting memories watching the legendary Gordon Banks playing for Stoke and a fascination with the iconic and unique styles of old school goal posts, stanchions and nets.


The brief was to re-create the goal area with goal keeper figure, goal and section of pitch, surround track and terrace wall with railings from 1968. The model needed to be placed in a dinning area of a house and measures 400mm x 300mm.


The model is totally hand made and is modelled on the old Boothan End at Stoke City’s Victoria Ground. It features all the characteristics of the old style stadiums of the era, low terrace wall with iron railings, sander track around the pitch and notice the way the pitch slopes away past the goal line.


The nets are made from a fine sewing thread and the goal posts and crossbar are circular profile and wooden. Triangle net stanchions were used allowing the nets to hang free at the back of the goals. The Gordon Banks figure is carved from a hardwood and also uses a little modelling clay.


There was a lot of research time put into the nets for this commission and an estimated 35 man hours would be need to re-create this piece again. I was very keen to take this commission on because I’ve always had a fascination with goal stanchions and nets, but never found a solution to the netting at this small scale. Even though its very labour intensive creating these nets by hand its worth it if theres a end result.


This model now sits at the clients home, in a dinning area, where it can be happy viewed and studied triggering past memories.

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