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Millhouse Stand, Victoria Park

Hartlepool United


Commissioned Piece

Completed 2015

Model Size : 480mm x 195mm

Scale : 1:220  Circa 2015


This model was commissioned by a supporter of Hartlepool United. He lived in Aberdeenshire and traveled to nearly every home match, season after season. Originally from the Hartlepool area, he then moved to Aberdeenshire with his family in his teens. I guess by then the bug had bitten.


The original enquiry was for the Victoria Park Stadium. The budget however could only cover one stand, and  the “Millhouse Stand” was chosen as this is from where he watched all the match’s through the years. 


Known as the Niramax Stand, it has 1,617 seats and 1,832 lower standing terrace.This is an old stand which has had work done on it over the years and is probably the most populated area of the ground. 


The Model took and estimated 80 man hours to research and create. It would have a section of the pitch included to give perspective and all related out buildings. The roof was a basic cantilever design covering the seating deck and small part of the terrace.   


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