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Victoria Park

Hartlepool United


Commissioned Piece

Completed 2015

Model Size : 700mm x 500mm

Scale : 1:220  Circa 2015

This commission was a continuation of the Millhouse Stand project originally commissioned in 2015. Having had one stand made, the client was compelled to have the whole stadium built. The brief was to build the currant Victoria Park Stadium with relative surrounding areas.


The four sides of the ground are known as Town End Stand holding 1,775 all standing, the Niramax Stand, 1,617 seated, 1,832 standing, the Cyril Knowles Main Stand  seating 1,599 and the Rink End Stand housing 1,033 seated away supporters. Total capacity 7,856.


The model took an estimated 390 man hours to research and build. The stadium has a unique charm and a balanced feel with the old and new blended together. The four flood light pylons in each corner give the stadium that old school feel and all stand on their original footings of the old terrace banking. The Cyril Knowles main stand and Town End have been rebuilt whilst the Niramax and Rink end have been maintained and spruced up. Like most older venue stadiums, the pitch has a slight slope across but is beautifully maintained. The Clarence Road runs the length of the model behind the main stand, and also included are the carpark, club shop, club offices and supporters club behind the Rink End. This all give the model perspective.


Delighted with how this model turned out. It can be very time consuming getting all the small out-buildings and facilities correct, and signage too. Its important that physical models of stadiums like the Victoria Park are created so future generations can enjoy them for years to come.

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