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Model Football Stadiums

Bespoke Models Professionally Hand Crafted By Peter Oldfield-Edwards

Peter Oldfield-Edwards is a model maker/artist working in East Sussex in the south of England. He specialises in creating bespoke scale model impressions of sports stadiums: past, present and future. Each model is individually hand crafted using raw materials and sculpted to form a breath-taking interpretation of the original. His unique style is born out of years of experience, adopting new techniques and experimenting with a diversity of different materials.

All of Peter's pieces are one-off examples of his work. All his models can be viewed on the models page. Including commissions and self-inspired works. Such models as Manchester City's "Etihad Stadium" and Cove Rangers "Balmoral Stadium", to a fully detailed model of the "Old Wembley Goal Posts" from 1966, showing his diversity and passion for all stadiums and iconic features, no matter how large or small.

His models have been used for both personal and commercial uses, ranging from personal to public display to television. Non commissioned models can be available to purchase, hire or lease. Peter welcomes all enquires, and is happy to work with clients to achieve a unique and personalised model.

You can view all Peter's models with photo galleries and case studies on the models page. These include all self-inspired and commissioned pieces. Gift models are also available, these are vintage terrace sections with crash barrier and scarf from the era. These can be viewed on the gift models page and shop.


Unique Hand Made One-off Models

Past, present or future, created for generation after generation to enjoy.


Full Stadiums

Stadium models on this web site range from "Old Trafford" to "Wembley 1966". All pieces are totally hand made and created to form a breathtaking interpretation of the original. 

Individual Stands

Models of an individual stand can be created such as the "Alpari Stand at the Boleyn Ground" or the "Kippax Stand at Maine Road".

Gift Models

Beautifully hand created, these terrace sections with crash barrier and scarf from the era make the perfect gift.

Each one is titled and signed by hand for authenticity.

Amex Stadium

Stadium Models

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